There are two things about most bands that make a mark and last in the music industry, belief and originality. East London based duo behind the 5 piece band Men’s Adventures have both in spades.

27 year old Jimmy Casson and 26 year old Alfie Smith have been oozing self belief since they got together a year and a half ago. I will leave you to make your mind up about originality with the clip below.

There’s an enchantingly intriguing mix of South Pacific and 50’s Americana that captures the soul and has you yearning for a simpler time long ago. This band has the talent – that is obvious. What they lack is the opportunity. Recently I caught up with Jimmy at an east end public house to share a drink and a chat about his plans for world domination in the future.

Q. What type of music would you class yourselves as?

Jimmy: I just say we are pop music when people ask; it’s easier and as accurate as I can be in a few words. Alf is great at describing the band, I normally direct people to him if he’s around. He calls it new wave with heavy country and western influences half the time and tropical vibes the next. Sand music.

Q .Who are the bands biggest influences?

Jimmy: My biggest influences for Men’s Adventures are world music; I listen to a lot of Hawaiian, country, African and cowboy/western film score. All those dodgy records by European artists that no one’s ever heard of in charity shops, well it’s me who
buys them. Alfie does the lyrics and he told me once that he gets inspired
from Men’s Adventure magazines believe it or not. He likes the idea of turning short stories into songs,

Q .How long has the band been together?

Jimmy: Me and Alfie hooked up about a year and a half ago, after our previous bands had ended. In hindsight it seems like a fairly logical partnership to have formed, but at the time we were very much stepping into unknown territory. I wasn’t in anything before that I am as proud of as Men’s Adventures. Alfie was the singer for  The Skallywags before they split.

Q. Do you see the same faces at the gigs you play?

Jimmy: Yeah I guess, some people you recognize, some you don’t. Alfie notices all the nice girls.

Q. Is an album on the way soon?

Jimmy: We’ve got probably over two albums worth of stuff we could record tomorrow, but we haven’t even officially released a single yet. We’re waiting for someone to approach us with a realistic offer to put something out on our behalf. We have so many songs building up and we don’t want them to go to waste.

Q .What shows are on the horizon?

Jimmy: We’ve just been confirmed to play with our friends O Children again at XOYO in January, that’ll probably be our first show of the new year, so no doubt we’ll be playing some new songs etc.

Q. What frustrates you most about being in a band trying to get a break?

Jimmy: When you’re in a band trying to get a break the list of frustrating things is endless, it’s constantly frustrating. What you need to learn as soon as possible is patience. That’s the most important element of being in any band; once you master that, the rest is easy.

Q. What are you and Alfie’s real jobs?

Jimmy: Men’s Adventures is my real job. Alfie’s got a bar called The Victoria in the east end.

Q. What plans for world domination do you have? Or what’s next for the band?

Jimmy: Next for us is just more of the same really. We’ll keep writing, we’ll keep recording and we’ll keep playing, if the world obliges, we’ll dominate. Alfie is looking at a Men’s Adventures radio show, so he’s pretty excited about that.


Look out for them at a venue near you soon.

Go follow their Adventures on facebook.

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