Midweek Music Club – Week 14

Week 14 of the Midweek Music Club offers an eclectic mix of classic pop, futuristic RnB, electronica, folk and early 90′s house . If you want to join our club, there 4 very simple rules for you to follow;

#1 – Share with your friends
#2 – Make your friends share with their friends?
#3 – This is music sent to us, so good or bad, don’t be afraid to comment??
#4 – And never question why the feature is released on Friday, cheers


White Denim – Pretty Green

The four-piece rock band from Austin, Texas have announced, 5 years on from their twisted translation of the garage-rock aesthetic via Workout Holiday, details for their 6th studio album, Corsicana Lemonade, due out in the UK on 4th November via Downtown. New single, Pretty Green, is a dirty blues, riff centric release on an album that ebbs and flows through classic pop rock, country folk, soul and 70s groove.


Kevin Devine Feat Isobel Campbell – For Eugene

Having already announced the dual release of two albums Bubblegum and Bulldozer, Brooklyn-based songwriter Kevin Devine has unveiled new track ‘For Eugene’, featuring the vocal talents of former Belle & Sebastian singer, and Mark Lanegan collaborator, Isobel Campbell. ‘For Eugene’ was written in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy 2012, and will feature on Bulldozer, one of two new albums due out 14th October via Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Europe.


Nick Brewer – ‘Fun’ by Elli Ingram 

Nick Brewer presents his own signature of ‘Fun’ by Elli Ingram: “I’d recently been recommended Elli Ingram’s new EP by a friend and I loved it. She’s got a wicked voice and I love how honest and open she is in her lyrics. Fun is my favourite track from the EP, so I thought it would be cool to do my own little refix with my producers; The Confect, and here it is”.


Gero Feat Kullai Tumi – Turn Around (Marcus Jakes remix)

Once ‘Turn Around’ dropped it wasn’t long before Hungarians Gero and Kullai were snapped up by one of the UK’s funkiest dance labels Jalapeno. Even though the original got everyone talking, when Garage hotshot Marcus Jakes gave it his own treatment with a neck snapping bassline, it gave the track an early 90’s feel and instant summer appeal.


Glass Figure & Stella Le Page Announce Chateau Marmont Remix of ‘I Need You’

Hotly tipped Parisian duo, Glass Figure have announced the release of their new single, featuring London born starlet, Stella Le Page, ’I Need You’ via Chateau Marmont’s label, Chambre 404. A molotov cocktail of futuristic RnB, French laden electronica and saccharine vocals make for a stunning release.


Amber – ‘Little Ghost’

The Nottingham University students first featured online doing a cover of Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide & Seek’ giving their burgeoning fan-base a glimpse of what to expect, with their four-part-harmonies and expansive sound. The debut EP ‘Noah’ strikes a balance between big atmospheric rock and the intimacy and sentiment of folk music. Available now on iTunes.

Little Ghost is now available as free download.


Tusindfald – Kys (EP)

Tusindfald (/tu:s?nfæl/) was formed by Danish producer, player and engineer Jesper Lundager. The recently formed label, Indelabel, has already brought us Sennen and The Indicators, and are now proud to introduce this stirring emotive record from across the cold waters of the North Sea. The Kyes EP is available as a 3 track download now from iTunes. A coloured 10″ vinyl will be available with an exclusive song from 23rd September.


Digitalism – Lift (EP)

The inimitable return of German electronic music duo Digitalism with their new EP ‘Lift’ marks a comeback to the label that launched their careers, Kitsuné.  Continuing to break new ground with this record, the duo deliberately carved out long-stretches of studio time over the past twelve months to work on some collaborations with The M Machine, Steve Duda and Michael Diamond. ‘Lift’ will drop 23rd September via Kitsuné, listen to the Minimix here.


Virginia Wing – Extended Play (EP)

The latest EP from returning Midweek Music Club members Virginia Wing, sees the band settle in to and expand upon their sound, giving their ideas space to grow, straddling the line between pop and experimentalism. Following on from the excellent tape and 7″ releases on SexBeat and Critical Heights, their Faux Discx debut sees the band at a new creative high. ‘Extended Play’ is set to drop on Monday 16 September, which will include the release  of a limited 12″ vinyl. You can pre-order the EP from Faux Discx now.


Grigori – Sinas (EP)

Hailing from London’s East End, Grigori is set to release his debut EP in 2013, bringing to a close a year-long process of writing, recording and producing a soulful, intricate, honest and complete record. The 4 track EP will be released on 16th September via Naim Edge Records.

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